BNC-AN-01: Albert VII

Name: Albert VII


Line: Beasts and Creatures


Species: Mutant

Accessory Number: 0

Articulation: None

Figure Height: 12-15 cm

Albert VII : - Beasts and Creatures

Panda Mony Alter Nation Series 1 Albert VII
Quick with a joke, Albert VIIs body is as agile as his wit. The class clown of the team, he hangs out with Quillroy between missions and gets into mischief.

Albert VII seems to be some kind of Monkeytaur. He sports some heavy armor on his arms and wears a crop-top long sleeve jacket and long yellow pants. All of these details are sculpted onto the figure and are pretty detailed. They also scuplted the hair on his back and head.
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Alter Nation Albert VII Review

Albert VII has an impressive array of 15 areas of articulation.
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Neck ball
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Swivel peg and hinge shoulders
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Single pin hinge elbows
Swivel peg and hinge wrists
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Hinge/swivel hips
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Hinge/swivel knees
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Barbell ankles
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Lower-torso swivel cut
Tail is a flexible rubber on a metal armature so that it can be bent into any position. The tip stays as a curl though

All of the colors are crisp and bright. Panda Mony did not use too much paint for the figure and instead cast most of the pieces in the color they wanted.
Albert VII's body and face are a light brown plastic to represnt flesh with the fur painted a darker brown.
The pants are cast in a bright yellow with the knee pads and belt painted. There is also some black splatter paint that I am unsure of the reason for.
His jacket on his torso is fully painted a solid dark gray with green straps and light gray buckles. The arms of the jacket is cast in a similar dark gray plastic. The detailing on the inside of the arm is not painted but the armored portions are a single light gray color. The only places that were painted outside the sculpt are on his feet. There is some sculpted fur that was not fully painted.
His eyes are particularly well done and gives an animated look.

Albert comes with five accessories that emphasize his playful nature.
Military Issue Rifle with Banana Clip
Ray-gun Revolver
Squishable Cream Pie
Working Extendo-Boxing Glove Mallet
Real Working 1:12 Scale Whoopee Cushion (not pictured)
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Alter Nation Albert VII Review

Size and Scale:
Alter Nation is technically a 1:12 scale line but Albert VII is the smallest figure in the line. I thought that I would try one of the figures and put them in with my Ninja Turtles or Fortnite collection. He is wacky enough to fit in either one of those collections
His official listing puts him at about 5 inches tall. but I think that includes his horns.
Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS 1:18 scale blank. He is a little large to fit in with a regular 1:18 line. He would end up being like 7 feet tall. Which is not unreasonable for something that looks like a monkeytaur.
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Fortnite Peely and Jonesy. He really shines with the Fortnite figures and almost fits in perfectly due to his wackyness and since he is not a bulky figure. I especially like how well he fits in with Peely. I think these two will end up being best friends.
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
TMNT Usagi Yojimbo and Ben10 Rath.TMNT and Ben 10 are both a little bulkier type of figure but he fits in well in both of these lines as well.
Alter Nation Albert VII Review

Final thoughts:
For an independant toy company I think Panda Mony knocked this one out of the park. I really love this figure and wish that the other figures they made were in the scope of my collection. I will get Daart but none of the other ones.
I especially like how he and his accesories goes so well with Peely. I like to think the gun is like Green Lanterns constructs but Peely can create anything he needs by peeling a banana

Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Alter Nation Albert VII Review
Alter Nation Albert VII Review

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