INVICTA Challenge – Historical Action Figures and Games

INVICTA Challenge is a line currently in development by US Marine veteran Jim Murphy and the Citizen Content Group.

The idea behind the line is to present leadership stories with a physical product like an action figure or model. The action figures that has been announced so far is Turner Turnbull and Theodore Roosevelt. Both figures are being sculpted and designed by the Four Horsemen Studios.

You can read more about the project from his Kickstarter campaign page.

The campaign is currently in hiatus as Jim works behind the scenes to raise awareness and promote the brand for an eventual retail release. Over the weekend INVICTA Challenge was one of the winners of the Veterans’ Business Battle in Houston Texas.

Turner Turbull figure:
Turner Turnbull INVICTA Challenge
Turner Turnbull INVICTA Challenge

Theodore Roosevelt head sculpt and 12″ prototype
Theodore Roosevelt INVICTA Challenge

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