1:18 Action Figure News from SDCC 2015

Since I am not at SDCC I’m just going to provide links to stories pertaining to all the 1:18 scaled action figures I can find with a summary of the announcements and reveals. Watch for this page to be updated frequently thorughout the weekend as new information becomes available.

Star Wars:
Rebels Old man Rex
Rebels new Inquisitor
No info on what will be available on Force Friday

Marvel Infinite Series reveals a lot of new figures
Jane Foster Thor
Thor – Odinson
Yondu – Comic version
Superior Iron Man
Spiderman Noir
Captain America Falcon
Vance Astro
Captain Marvel
Metal Man
Iron man – 1st appearance silver
Daredevil – yellow
Black Bolt
Living Laser
Armored Spiderman
Scarlet Spiderman
Classic Spiderman
Supreme Power Hyperion
Dark Hyperion
Captain Marv-ell
sneak peek at Lockjaw

New Avengers Age of Ultron figures
3-Pack including Thor, Hulk, and Vision 5POA

1:18 Marvel Infinite Series action figure news from ToyArk

Multi-verse is changing scales from 1:18 to 1:12
Catwoman and Azrael are Walgreens exclusives

GI Joe:
Nothing new that was not announced during JoeCon a few months ago.

Acid Rain World
Lots of new figure prototypes
Omanga Cerberus Troopers
Omanga Flame Troopers
Soil Ghosts
Tim and the Worker Laurel
Laurel variants
Dive Suit
Pumpkin Cart

ToyArk Coverage

Toynami Robotech
New line featuring 5 figures

ToyArk coverage

October Toys – Skeleton Warriors
New Grimskull prototype

Pixel Dan video
Funko/Super 7

World of Nintendo
New 4″ announcements
Falco, Flying Goomba, Cartoon style Link, Skull Kid, Zelda, Cat Mario, Red Yoshi, Slippy

ToyArk Coverage

Power Lords
Still going to be 1:18 scale
Will not be a Kickstarter
Armored Adam Power with variants
New Rygoth variants

ToyArk Coverage

Mythic Legions
1:12 scale Dragon in the Ravens line but this could work pretty well in a 1:18 scale setup imo.
Large scale ogre

ToyArk Coverage

Mortal Kombat X by Mezco
Still just the 3 figures announced at Toyfair with a Q1 2016 release date

ToyArk coverage (only really just 1 picture for the 1:18 figures)
Pixel-Dan video

Bif Bang Pow
Twilight Zone
Saturday Night Live
Big Bang Theory
Flash Gordon

ToyArk Coverage

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